First of all, my apologies for my poor English.

Hello. We are Joaquín and Susana.

As you can see in these pages we are cat lovers, as almost all the breeders we know.

We live in Madrid and we have our own cats since 1995 when we took Mina from the street. Since them we have had some other street cats and in 1997 we bought Sade after visiting two feline shows and falling in love with the Norwegian Forest Cats.

We bought a bigger flat in Madrid in 2001 and our stud Glad.

Middle Earth Map

Our name as breeders is Tierra Media - E (Middle Earth), cause we are fans of "The Lord of the Rings" and Tolkien world.

We hope you like these pages. Don't hesitate to contact us for anything: links interchange, questions,…

See you soon.



This web is dedicated to all our cats, passed, present and future, but very specially to Tobi and Mina. They were the first ones and went away too soon. They will always be in our heart.



Thank you very much to Joaquín Pueche, Teresa Martinez and all the cat lovers for helping us to enter this wonderful and complicated world of breeding cats.

Thank you very much to Joaquín for the work that he has done in his web (Tsavo), I have used a lot of that work in my web.

Thanks also to Belen Mendieta for the design of the web and for avoiding it from being yellow.

And thank you very much to all the visitors of these pages.

Edith & Carlos wedding (18/12/2004)